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As a working Director of Photography and camera / Steadicam™ operator I am in the unique position to also be the end user for most of my designs, this simplifies the design and interface process immensely as I completely understand why and how these system are used and needed.

I have a proven track record of designing and building working products since 1993 from first products like the Lens camera system and 12v-24v power converters for Steadicam™, onto wireless video transmission and remote focus systems.


I also completely eimagined the ‘Steadicam™' system with the MK-V AR systems and the industry standard Techno-crane top and Matrix mount.

Plus many other bespoke systems and 3D rigs.

I love a challenge and I have not been beaten yet……

Technocrane Top Mount

The Techno Top Mount is a lightweight but very strong nose mount for over-slinging the camera and head on the 15’, 30’ & 50’ Technocranes.


The HSD TTM (Techno Top Mount) weights only 4kgs/9lbs and has been tested with over 200kgs/450lbs on in various drop tests.


New for 2019, the HSD TTM V2 now works with my ‘Matrix Nose mount’ so you have any mounting position needed at all times – as with the TTM this system is designed to live on the crane at all times and can easily be used and stored as normal.


If you would like any more information on the TTM or Matrix Mount please email me.”

Technocrane Topmount designed by Howard J Smith

Technocrane Topmount designed by Howard J Smith

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