Director of Photography

Director of Photography

Over 36 years experience shooting in the film and TV industry 


'A'- Camera / Steadicam™ Operator


Remote head Operator


Camera System Inventor


Based in Manchester, UK and work internationally.


Please see my full bio and gallery including work on 

“Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions” and the “Harry Potter” films, and DP-ing many commercials, shorts, and features and have shot 4 films in 3D.


Director of Photography

Howard Smith Design Solutions

I am an experienced camera system inventor, when faced with a problem I create and design a solution. Being the end user is a huge plus in designing.


My designs and equipment are in daily use on 1,000's of sets all over the world


Including: Techno-crane top mount and Matrix mount, MK-V ‘Steadicam™’ Systems and AR Omega, wireless focus and Video Systems to name a few.   


Commissions also undertaken. 

"The best way to think outside the box is don't get into one in the first place"

Consultancy & Training Services

  • Steadicam™ Operator training – Beginner to Advanced (inc AR)

  • Do you have a difficult shot to create? 

  • Require specialist mount designing

Experienced in major feature filming


Film crew require training


I offer a fully bespoke service anywhere in the world.   


Get in touch 


T:   +44 7981 865712

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Filming Eva Longoria

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